Welcome to How to be a Bear! In this extensive, self-paced course, you will learn everything you need to know about becoming a bear and living your bear-st life. Let’s begin!

Start from the beginning!

01: What is a Bear?

To be a bear, you must know bears.

02: Bear Species

Explore all the different kinds of bears, and discover which bear is for you.

03: The Bear Essentials

The fundamentals of being a bear.

04: Bear Food

Eating is a critical part of being a bear.

05: Hibernation

Preparing for hibernation, and finding the best cave.

06: Think Like a Bear

Think with your bear brain.

07: Self Bear-lief

Anyone can be a bear – you just have to bear-lieve.

08: The Joy of Bearhood

Exploring the benefits of your newfound bear-dom.

09: Conclusion

Some final thoughts and your official certification!

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Prints, apparel, homewares and more – let the world know that you’re an officially certified bear!